Time changes your viewpoint

time It’s not just a saying; time really does change your viewpoint. Not just in the way that people say “time heals all wounds,” which I believe is mostly true — well, I think it definitely takes the edge off, let’s say that. And if you are an open person, the wound heals and you may have a scar, but you’ve built a stronger, tougher skin at that spot. Doesn’t mean you don’t go ahead and try again … on the contrary, you go back out and hopefully avoid pitfalls, and do a better job the next time around.

But I’m also talking about the mellowing of us as people and our approach with time. I think I understand why older people drive more slowly. Taking it all in, they’ve learned to enjoy the journey.

I watch younger people in my profession get anxious about their lives and about perceptions others hold of them –almost attacking life — and I smile. Now that I’ve seen a lot of life, I spot the potential in those “youngsters” and know what they don’t know — that a humble spirit at the awesomeness of life takes you very far indeed. I have tweens and teens now — five of them — and I see their raw, anxious approach to life, and I know time will sand off the rough edges, just like it does to me. I smile and watch, try to help guide, knowing things will turn out okay.

I just need to remember this for myself when confronted with my own variety of agnst … I’m sure my grandma in heaven and my parents are all smiling inside, trying to guide me and help me find my way, knowing that in the end, all will turn out okay.

Perspective is a precious thing hard earned! My advide for today: take a deep breath and think — will this thing you are dealing with today matter in five days, five months, five years? Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. But I guarantee it will look different with time.

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