Ode to a fabulous marketing team — and a note to my replacement.



I am leaving a wonderful marketing team this coming Friday.  It was a tough decision to change jobs, solely based on this wonderful marketing team.  I have been the Executive Director of Marketing at Joint Commission Resources for 3.7 years, but it seems much longer some days and like I just arrived on others.

This marketing team works hard, is dedicated to the work and to each other.  It is a family of sorts, and one tough to leave. So, if you are poised to take this job, beware:  you will get attached.

You will learn to appreciate and rely on Krista McGorrian’s insight and lean six sigma green belt skills.  And a killer instinct for e-marketing!  You will have fun with Gia Riney, who joined us just a year ago to take on international marketing and bring a whole new set of insights and marketing expertise to this group.  You will depend on Kathy Atkinson to take on all your tradeshow needs — top to bottom and I’m telling you I’ve seen no one on this planet who runs a tradeshow more smoothly with her new sidekick and former intern, Chris Grelyak.  Kathy also does all the production management in a newly-minted role and the whole account team relies on her to get the tactical work completed every day.  Her production team includes the talented fine artist (true story) Katlin Mulligan and in the future, Margaret Conley, who has spearheaded a very dynamic website development project this year.  The new jcrinc.com and jointcommissioninternational.org will debut late this year or early 2014!

Amy Sobczak is the friendliest and best Salesforce.com administrator anyone could wish for.  Beware, she is passionate beyond belief about this business system and will turn you into a believer too, if you aren’t already. 

Our account managers, Holly Jordan (publications and education) , Thad Sochacki (software)and Linda Bosy (consulting) are hard to beat.  They are creative, dedicated to their internal clients’ success, and work diligently on their behalf every day.  The detail and the scope of what they do are not to be believed.  But believe it.  They are truly great.

And last but not least, Sharon Sheehan, our administrative assistant, who can wield the Accounts Payable wand like know one else.  She keeps us on track with our various marketing expense ledgers and also moonlights for the Operations team!

So, whomever you are that takes over this wildly talented and connected team, good luck to you and you will be blessed.  And fair warning, it will be very difficult should you ever make the decision to choose another opportunity.  This team is hard to beat.

Love and blessings to all the great marketers out there… some whom I have yet to meet and many, many friends and colleagues who are out there slogging through the marcomms jungle.  Keep slogging, my friends!