Song of a Mom

The day I first felt the fluttering of you inside my womb

I knew I was not alone

It was scary and lovely and full of promise

… did I mention scary?

And then all too soon, you were here, a part of me, a part of my heart

… Living, breathing outside my body

I got to know you and what you liked and didn’t … you loved water, you loved the dog, and you loved music; you were playful and happy

 ….but you didn’t like cacophony or discord

You grew into your own person and uniqueness

You had your own opinions

I helped shape you;  you and I were a team, where you let me be a part

I loved you more than I could even imagine a person could love another

… and I was proud

I saw you almost every day, listened to you practicing your music, learned your habits and your ways, watched you grow, and I was proud.

Then, all too soon, it came time for you to leave.

I never thought it would get here, and then when it was, I was not ready

… it happened in an instant.

And now, you live apart from me.  A part of me is living there with you, where ever you are.  Proud and happy for you.  Processing what has happened to me. 

I was whole before you came, and when you arrived.  Now that you are gone, I am whole still, but in pieces …

Fly my little bird, my grown man.  Be strong and happy and loving to others.  But remember, you will always be mine.  You will always have a home where ever I am.